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English Hospitality Industry Thailand Sakon Nakhon

English Hospitality Industry Thailand Business English Courses
English Hospitality Industry Thailand
English for Hospitality Industry Thailand

Training Programs and Support

The importance of continued training is essential in any business, especially within the hotel and catering industry. Our primary focus is aimed at educating staff and management alike in attending, the needs of your customers, in a manner that is essential for repeat business and continued growth.

With over thirty years training experience throughout the hotel and tourism industry, we know that communication and etiquette are essential to every business. With this in mind, we concentrate on building bespoke industry standard training procedures. Thus, ensuring continuity and consistency for all your personnel.

Highly Trained Hotel Specialist

Our team of specialist includes highly trained native English speakers. Educated to a minimum degree level in International Hotel and Tourism. Also, our professionals are trained in culinary arts, sommeliers, restaurant training and so forth. Who can call upon a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a proven track record, in delivering outstanding training courses leading to increased customer interaction, a better understanding of customer needs? This process leads to a reduction in staff turnover and considerable human resourcing costs.

Evaluate – Test – Train & Re-evaluate

Our trainers will initially gather information to get a better understanding, of what training needs are to be considered and then implemented, by spending time collecting information, to understand what training requirements are required. The training evaluation is achieved through vocational interviews with all staff, using training analysis, questionnaires or simply by on-site observation. Often a combination of all three methods presents the most accurate picture.

Thailand Language Training

The students will be tested before, during, and after the training course, to measure how much they have learned, and to decide how much further training is needed. There are about 10-20 complimentary hours every three months.

Delivery Methodology

Courses delivery can either take place at your location. Or at another off-site venue. No matter the choice of venue, our proven methods of training, will be given by highly qualified instructors with both international hotel and English teaching credentials. Thus assuring the highest education standards will be delivered. The course structure compiles of the following methodology; bespoke training, environment role-play, ‘learning by and doing,’ obvious lessons, audio listening, and speaking tasks, as well as one-on-one voice coaching for all members of staff.

Content Breakdown

We only use native English speakers, therefore, providing the highest quality of both hospitality and English training. Our courses are not only relevant to the business and hospitality industry, but to the individuals who participate themselves. Our focus and emphasis are in communication and confidence building for all departments. Therefore, allowing your business to run more smoothly for both customer and staff alike. Our team consists of individuals that have over forty years within the hotelier and tourism business. Between them, they will devise a tailor-made training course specific to your business needs, which will also include exercise based worksheets, writing paraphernalia, grammar workbooks, pictures, audio to visual components, to mention just a few.

Design & Standard Operating Procedures.(SOP)

Every business should have a Standard Operating Procedure manual. (SOPS) The SOPS is a book of written procedures, which prescribe accurate information for repetitive use as a practice, in which all parties agreed upon specifications aimed at obtaining the desired outcome. A recipe book for success that everybody can and must follow. By following SOP’s ensures that both management and the workforce can provide continued high standards, continuity, and consistency. Wheater this be in the kitchen environment working with food, delivering restaurant service, receiving concierge or front desk, housekeeping, etc. What can be incredibly frustrating for a customer is not receiving consistency in a service or product?

Every Business has Different Needs.

Working within the confines of your business schedule, our training consultants will derive the training program. He or she will organize groups of candidates by the ability or by a department, creating course material as well as hotel items such as restaurant menus, hotel layouts, local amenities devising the best methods of training and customer service retention.

English hospitality Industry Thailand Sakon Nakhon

If you would like to know more regarding our hotel training program and services, please follow hospitality industry thailand. Thank you.

For more information please click the link and follow. TOEIC Sakon Nakon = Basic EnglishBusiness English

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