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Learn English Sakon Nakhon TOEIC Thailand

Learn English Sakon Nakhon TOEIC Thailand

Do You Speak English TOEIC THailand

Ten Reasons To Speak English

Learning English is becoming more important, and essential to people all over the world. More and more of us, are deciding to study English as a second language. Increasingly, more countries now include English as a second choice language in school syllabus, with children now starting to learn English at much younger.

However, have you ever wondered why learning English as a second language is so important? I have compiled a list of what I feel, are the best Ten reasons, to venture on in an English language course.

1- Most Common Language in the World

Did you know, that English is now the most commonly spoken language in the world? In fact, One person in five people can communicate, or at least understand some English!

2- The Language of Science & Aviation

English is the basic language of aviation, science, computing, world diplomacy, and not forgetting tourism. Understanding and Knowing even the smallest amount of English will increase your chances, of getting better employment positions, within multinational companies. Wheather that be in your home country, or applying for employment positions abroad.

3- Spoken in some 54 Countries

English is the official language of 54 sovereign states, as well as 27 non-sovereign entities. Now, let’s face it. That is a lot of people to get acquainted with and speak to.

4- 400 Million People Use It

It is said, that English is spoken as a first language by, approximately 400 million people from around the world.

5- The Language for Media

The Media industry is predominantly spoken and written using English. If you can speak and communicate in English, there is no need to rely on, subtitles or translations anymore when enjoying your favorite songs, books, movies and television shows.

6- The World Wide Web Language

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, a British national, invented the world wide web for us all, and English is the language of the internet. Many sites are compiled and written in English. By understanding English, no matter what level your language skills are at, you will be able to understand them and participate, in discussions and forums.

7- English is easier to learn than most Languages

Understanding English may seem a daunting task but is in fact built on a very simple alphabet. An Alphabet consisting of just 26 letters. Therefore, making it a fairly easy language to learn, when you compare other languages.

8- Learning English is Fun

I believe that English is one of the few languages, where you can describe something or a certain situation in astronomical depths. Making the English language, not just useful but enhances your satisfaction when using it. So progress in learning English is achieved much faster as your enjoyment increases.

9- Using One Language as a Common Tounge

It’s widely stated that the world is smaller, and I can’t help thinking that the understanding and speaking of English has been a significant influence in this. If you all can communicate in a common tongue, then the opportunities for discovering more about people, places, and their culture are endless.

10- English Enhances Multicultural Boundaries

Leading me on nicely to my last reason why learning English is so important. Learning English is fun, and as you grow and become more proficient, then your confidence increases while speaking it. Very few experiences in life will make you grow as an individual, more than learning values, culture, and way of life, in an environment that is entirely different from your way of life.

Do You Speak English?

If you would like to learn English as a second language, feel free in contacting us, to have an informal chat about how we can help you.

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Learn English Sakon Nakhon TOEIC Thailand