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Learn IELTS Sakon Nakhon TOEIC Training

Learn IELTS Sakon Nakhon TOEIC Training
thai to english

EZ-English Teaching Courses and Training workshops in Thailand are specially designed to improve your employees in more than just English. We teach a multitude of skills in a wide range of business services. Initially, we will consult with you, gathering essential information specific to your business requirements. Once we have ascertained your needs, we will then arrange your staff into cooperative learning workgroups, thus allowing and delivering the highest quality training courses in English.

Thai To English Business Training

We provide proven customised programs suitable for all employees
Available in a wide range of English language levels.
Training can be carried out at your company location or other designated locations.
Courses are specifically targeted to the needs of your organization to achieve maximum on job benefits

Advantages of using EZ-English

More confident in using polite English in a variety of environments
Voice coaching leading to improved pronunciation
Improved reading and writing skills
A better understanding of both speaking and writing English grammar
Wider vocabulary skills using our unique word-bank system.
Increased levels conversation skills for all situations
Overall Increase language confidence in dealing with situations in the workplace

Bespoke Customised Classes

Wheather we deliver in-house or at another location our Business English, All in-house English training will be customised specifically for your company needs. The language skills and grammar are intended to ensure that your employees apply their learning professionally and naturally. Thus, building their confidence and productivity.

Dynamic Training Classes

We combine fundamental personality skills with real-life situations throughout the training course, thus giving you essential well-balanced classes. Included in our Business English Courses are role-playing, question and answer situations, dealing with requests and complaints as well as self-presentation as well as constant monitoring for every student. With over thirty years within the hospitality and business service industry, Our vast experience has given us extensive expertise in designing training programs, which are well suited for today’s fast-paced language learning.


With every company that enrolls students with EZ-English, feel assured that Our training methods are not only designed to teach but to motivates and provides support, advice, encouragement, with constant feedback on students progress throughout their training course.

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Learn IELTS Sakon Nakhon TOEIC Training