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Sakon Nakhon TEOIC ประเทศไทย TEOIC สกลนคร

TEOIC ประเทศไทย TEOIC สกลนคร TEOIC Sakon Nakhon
เรียนภาษาอังกฤษในสกลนคร English Sakon Nakhon

We offer various TOEIC preparation programs. These courses may vary in time and length depending on the individual’s communication skills and ability level. Our TEOIC courses comprise of 20, 30 and 40 hours. All participants will have to set an initial placement test, thus determining the necessary study hours required to achieve a target score.

Throughout the training sessions, we will set a number of mock practice tests for all the student’s participating subjecting them to similar test conditions as on the official test day. The training program focus on delivering specific information contained in the test (e.g. vocabulary, type of questions, Listening comprehension and grammatical structure).

Sakon Nakhon TOEIC .

TOEIC stands for, Test of English for International Communication. The TOEIC Program was derived and created by the Educational Testing Service, (ETS) in Japan, The ETS is an American non-profit test and development institution. TOEIC was developed as a measuring yardstick for global English skills. The first TOEIC Secure Program (sp) was implemented in 1979. The test has been adopted around the world as the universal assessment standard for English communication skills. The test is now administrated in over one hundred and fifty countries around the world.

TEOIC ประเทศไทย TEOIC สกลนคร

More and more companies, organizations, schools, and individuals, are utilizing TEOIC as an effective way to increase motivation to study, as well as an opportunity to compare English skill standards of students and workers.

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TEOIC ประเทศไทย TEOIC สกลนคร TOEIC SaKon Nakhon