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TOEIC Sakon Nakhon Learn English

TOEIC Sakon Nakhon Learn English British Native Teachers

TOEIC Sakon Nakhon

TOEIC Listening and Reading Preparation

Are you looking for a working position where you’ll use your English skills?
Then let me ask you another important question:

Have you enrolled to take the TOEIC Test yet?

A TOEIC certification can be a great addition to your resume.
The TOEIC examination combines both listening and reading comprehension tests, which could make you feel nervous, but let us reassure you there is no need to worry! We have native ESL teachers specializing in preparing you for TEOIC Exam. To help you understand our methodology and approach we have devised Ten TOEIC Tips and advice that will help you successfully reach your goal.

But first, let’s start off by fully understanding what the TOEIC Test is.

What is TOEIC?

TOEIC stands for the Test of English for International Communication. The test is designed to understand your ability in work-related instructions, writings, and conversations, in both written and spoken English.

The TOEIC Listening and Reading examination do not comprise of a speaking module, which is one less problem you need to worry about.

TEOIC Format

Comprising of two sections: The listening section consists of 100 questions to be answered in 45 minutes and the reading section again, consists of 100 questions but with a time limit of 75 minutes. In addition, you have 30 minutes to answer non-scored questions regarding yourself. Total of 2.5 hours in length

How the Scoring Works

A total of 990 points is available with a higher score being classed as the better. The reading and listening sections can earn between 5 and 495 points in each section. The scores are then added together giving you your final score.

A score exceeding 785 is extremely good, however, not all employers are looking for particular high scores, depending on the requirements of the tasks that you will be doing. Therefore bearing mind you should be looking for a score above 551. Table Conversion showing how different TOEIC scores align with European CEFR (A1-C1) Levels. Also a description of every level.
TOEIC Listening and Reading Format:

TOEIC Listening and Reading

Part 1. Listening comprehension: 100 questions (45 minutes)
– Photographs
– Question-response
– Conversations
– Short talks

Part 2. Reading comprehension — 100 questions (75 minutes)
– Incomplete sentences
– Error recognition or text completion
– Reading comprehension

TEOIC Sakon Nakhon

The problem here is there’s more time put on the reading section, which basically means, that you will have to be especially focused during the TOEIC listening test. In addition, you have to bear in mind there aren’t any listening replays. It’s very fast, and students taking the listening test will have to study and practice more. (This doesn’t mean you should study for your reading section.) Whilst there are no written essays to write, certain reading questions will test your grammar and vocabulary ability, especially in the various communication methods memos, emails, newsletters, etc.
What will help you get better at listening and the other skills needed for success on the TOEIC?

TOEIC Sakon Nakhon