Tripleclicks Review Join SFI Agents Needed

TripleClicks Review – Have you heard about Tripleclicks? want to learn about what it is, and how it works? if so you’re in luck. I’m James, a Tripleclicks member. in this video, I’ll tell you about what Tripleclicks is, and how it works. so let’s get started.

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First of all what exactly is Tripleclicks? Tripleclicks is an e-commerce website, based in the USA. it allows International Shoppers, to purchase items from Sole traders, Individuals, wholesalers and retailers.

Tripleclicks has a wide range of products, over 97,000 different items, available at any one time, and ships to over 200 countries across the globe. Tripleclicks is popular because, it lets users buy items directly from individuals, retailers and manufacturers, helping people save huge amounts of money.


10 Things You Need To Know

So how does Tripleclicks work?… I’ll tell you 10 things you need to know about shopping on Tripleclicks.


Number one. Over 90,000 items available. You can browse a huge selection of items on Tripleclicks, they have a wide variety of categories including, clothing, jewellery, electronics, toys and more.

Two.  Discount Coupons.

Obtain coupons to save money on the cost of your orders. TripleClicks sometimes offers coupons that reduce the total cost of your order. In addition to this, individual sellers often provide coupons for items they have available. For more information on coupons please visit, Tripleclicks dot com.

Tripleclicks Review Join SFI Agents Needed

Three. Purchase Tracking.

you can track your order once it’s been shipped, using a delivery tracking code provided by Tripleclicks sellers, showing you where your packages are and an estimated time when it will arrive.

Four. Peace of Mind.

Trippleclicks offers buyer peace of mind on all orders. If your order doesn’t turn out quite right, Tripleclicks can help you out, and you can open a dispute with the seller to resolve the issue, or receive a refund.

Five. Member Reward Points.

A truly amazing factor using TripleClicks, is that you get rewarded for shopping. And for every item you purchase, you will receive reward points, that can be exchanged for products and services.

Six. Penny Auctions.

Another great feature on Tripleclicks, are the Penny Auctions, where you can win items at an astonishing, 77 to 99% off the retail price, with free shipping.

Seven. Open your own Store.

If you decide to open an E.C.A store with Tripleclicks, you have a choice to sell other members products, as well as your own items. For every item you sell, you will receive redeemable reward points as well as cash commissions.

Eight. No Time Limit.

Unlike a lot of e-commerce shopping sites, you are restricted to a time limit, when posting new items to your store. With Tripleclicks there are no posting time limits.

Nine. Fast Customer Service.

if you need help with using any of Tripleclicks services, products and features, feel rest assured, as they have an outstanding customer service support hub on their site. if you have a specific question, you can get in touch with a customer service representative, using the customer support feature.

Ten. BBB, Endorsed.

The company was started in 1998, and has achieved remarkable success these past 20 years, In-fact, product lines have a glowing endorsement from The Better Business Bureau.

So what are the pros and cons of Tripleclicks? let’s start with the reasons why you may, or may not want to shop on their e-commerce website

Reasons why millions of people love TripleClicks, is the fact that the prices on a lot of items, are discounted. This is due to the member buying items directly from a host of retail, wholesale and individual sellers. In addition, Tripleclicks, helps users save additional money on purchases, by offering discounted coupons, as well as, a redeemable rewards points scheme, and buyer auctions.

The only reason why you may not want to buy from TripleCicks, is if you need your purchase in a hurry. Remember, that items are coming from all over the globe from as far as, Asia and all the way across to the Americas.