Bespoke Landing Pages for Social Media

Welcome to the Mighty101 Landing page design.

Quick Question?

Have you ever placed an advert on social media and they have rejected it because that social media platform has boycotted the destination for several reasons? I have an option that can bypass social media paranoier, in the form of a landing page.

Mighty101 Landing page.

I will design you a bespoke website page, also known as landing or a splash page. This will include a banner with your photograph or logo on. (Above Image) In addition, I will add a fresh mixture of content about the benefits of Mighty101 and integrate your vision.

Once you have ordered the landing page, you will be directed to fill in a form which includes your name, affiliate number and any content you feel should be added.

How does it Work?

Mighty101 Landing Page, splash page,

Step 1.  Post a Video or Image Advert.

Step 2.  Link the Advert to the landing page.

Step 3.  I will Link the BUY NOW Button to the TripleClicks Store. 

This will include your affiliate link address.

Landing Page Example Follow This Link

Well! We believe that we have the solution to this problem when you are promoting our own Mighty101 product. For a modest yearly fee of $29.99 annually, we will produce you a landing page using a mighty101/YOUR_OWN_NAME URL with the following features.

  • Bespoke header with your own information
  • Buy Now link with your affiliate number built in
  • Free Search Enging Optimization
  • Your own customer service WhatsApp contact icon
  • Bespoke Mighty101 content, no two landing pages will have identical content.
  • Information videos
  • How to use instructions
  • Questions & Answers
  • Bespoke Mighty101 Email Address
  • No additional Hosting Fees
  • And much more.

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer, please click the PayPal icon below.


Once purchased please follow this link, please follow this link