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Why do your Daily Action Tabs?

SFI Daily Action Tab: If you’re serious about succeeding, you must have a commanding grasp of the latest information relating to your business.

You must also be aware about the day-to-day performance of your business and be able to answer questions from your customers and team members.

They have designed the SFI Affiliate homepage to cover these needs. You will find 15 red tabs that need to turn from red to green to ensure your success as an SFI Affiliate Marketer.

List below outlines what you will find within the 15 tabs in the order they appear on your homepage.

TIP! Turn all 15 tabs from red to green and earn a BONUS Daily Grand entry!

Alerts Tab

Your Alerts tab is like having your own front page of your daily newspaper, listing headlines, brief snippets, and notices you’ll want to know about. Personalized for you, the Alerts tab is the default tab on your SFI homepage.

Badges Tab

The Badges tab acts as your Trophy Cabernet displaying all the badges you’ve earned to date.  Badges show off your accomplishments, both as an SFI leader and as a team member, giving you goals to compete for.

To-Do Tab

Here you will find a list of all the to-do actions needed to succeed. Specially designed to help you build a successful SFI business. Including daily, weekly, and monthly actions for growing your SFI business.

Tips Tab

Tips Tab is exactly what it says, for your SFI Tip of the Day, motivational Quote of the Day, and a Did You Know section outlining important aspects about SFI.

Stream Tab

Communication plays a major part in your business success! The stream section is an awesome way to start discussions, share news, recognition, alerts, tips and more.

TC Tab (TripleClicks)

Tripleclicks is all about what’s going on at you store. So, you will want to keep a close eye on what’s going on by checking all the information inside this tab every day


RW (Rewardicals)

The RW tab displays the total number of Rewardical Tokens (RTs) we’ve awarded to date, along with a list of stores in your area and online stores, including Rewardical ECAs, at which you can earn Rewardicals. (What Are Rewardicals)

EZ Tab (Eager Zebra)

Eager Zebra provides up-to-date stats and information and also provides easy access to playing games; just click any of the green “PLAY!” buttons to go directly to the game of choice at TripleClicks.

Auctions Tab

Auction tab provides up-to-date stats and information on all its Auctions (Pricebenders and Astro Auction) therefor, allows you to bid on and win popular, name brand products for a fraction of the retail price (typically over 90% off)!

Scoreboard Tab 

Scoreboard provides your up-to-the-minute “scores” on VersaPoints, earnings, your Power Rank, Leaderboard, Daily Grand Draw, Class Rank, Country Rank, Overall Power Rank and more.

Movers Tab

Movers Tabe makes it easy to discover and monitor your team’s “movers and shakers.” Each “mover” listing includes the affiliate’s name and key information and contact information (if applicable).

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Growth Tab

Growth Tab provides information on companywide growth for SFI and TripleClicks. One of the great benefits of being an SFI affiliate is that you get to share in and profit from our growth.

The Growth Tab also recognizes our newest E365 Champion, and affiliates who’ve recently advanced to a new rank

Goals Tab

Having goals are vital if you want to achieve real success.  From the Goals Tab you will set and monitor monthly goals, and the long-term goals you listed on your Affiliate Profile

TIP: Enter your monthly goals on this tab before the 10th of each month to pick up 5 Bonus VP!

Forum Tab

Forum Tab highlights posts from the SFI Forum and is a great tool to answer any question or difficulty you may be experiencing. However, the forum has an abundance of experience marketers will to offer help 24/7


What’s success without a little fun?! The Win It tab features SFI’s Daily Grand contest, an exclusive daily drawing that awards Rewardicals, that can be exchanged for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies.

You will also find T-Time and Biz Quiz that offer T-Credits (what are T-Credits) and Rewardicals.

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