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Learning English Sakon Nakhon Native Teachers Leaning English By Doing with EKC

Engliah-Schools-Sakon-Nakhon-English-Kids-Club-Sakon-NakhonWhat Makes The Team at English Kids Club Special? English Kids Club (EKC) is committed to developing your child’s communication through speaking, listening, reading and writing, therefore, developing your child’s teamwork skills whilst learning. Whether your child understands English or not, together we will be working with your children, using a proven professional method, created especially for young learners who are expected to read, write and speak English.

How your child’s Brain Works

Your child’s brains are like sponges soaking up information. Children grasp concepts more easily, than adults and can grasp new languages quicker. It is therefore that a child should be introduced to a language as young as possible. The best way for children to learn how to speak, read and write English, is by learning through doing,

Learning English is Like Riding a Bicycle

English is no different to most things in life when it comes to learning something new, The more your child is involved with English, the more at ease they will become with using English. And the easier it becomes for them to use it. It’s like riding a bike, at first they will start off a little unstable. Mabe even falls off a few times. But generally after a few tries, English will become second nature to them.

TEFL & TESOL Trained Instructors – Teachers

From the very first encounter with your children, we expose them to an array of educational tools, delivered using all native qualified, (TEFL & TESOL Certified) English instructors. Our Native English teachers encourage learning by doing. Exposing them to a totally English environment, where only English is spoken during the entire teaching session. Whether the children are reading, writing, singing or doing educational activities. Therefore, ensuring your child will learn at a faster pace.

Leaning Naturally in a Home Environment

As a parent of a child who is learning a new language at our kid’s club. We also try and encourage you to expose your children to English in their own home environment. And the best way to do this is using by encouraging your child to participate in English through television, computer games and of course try giving commands to your child in English during the course of the day. For example: take a shower, go to bed, eat, drink, etc. The more you can expose your child to English, no matter how basic the English you use with them, accelerates their learning process considerably.

Obstacles to Learning

We take great pride in understanding Thai Culture, here at English Kids Club Sakon Nakhon. And we are very careful in giving criticisms. Grammar mistakes in English can be extremely fun. So when we give out any form of criticism, it is not only constructive but given in a way that encourages children, not to have fear or hesitance in speaking English. After all, that is how I learned how to speak English from my Mother and Father.

Learning English Sakon Nakhon

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