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So what is an SFI sponsor?

An SFI sponsor is someone that supports others, a leader that leads by example and you too can become a Sponsor and Team Leader. But to become a great Sponsor and Team Leader we need to have a total commitment to take DAILY ACTION towards achieving our goals.

We also need to be prepared to identify and address any goals for “success”, which of course can and will be different for everyone, so that we choose the best course of action for each team member of the group as you develop and grow.

You will also need to have or develop self-discipline, patience and persistence, as well as a good understanding of others’ needs. Every SFI Team Leader started off just where you are today, but we all followed a proven recipe for success that has lead us to become the leaders we are today. Join Us

Let’s Get the Basics Right

Firstly, let us be clear with you right from the start – SFI is not a get rich quick scheme, and our statistics show only about 2% of new members will do anything, but because you’ve chosen to join us we assume you want to be amongst that top 2%?

Why do most people not TAKE ACTION?

It is mostly because, regardless of which online marketing company people join, new members are surprised, and often overwhelmed, by the vast amount of information presented to them.

This is where great Sponsors or Team Leaders come into their own. Their job is to simplify everything for new team members and break all the various complex elements down into simple, bite size chunks that everyone with completely different skill sets can easily digest and understand. Join us today?

This is made even more complex by the fact that SFI is a global community consisting of members from all nationalities, each of which have different languages, needs, goals and obviously come from varied educational backgrounds.

This is why your choice of Sponsor is so important at the beginning of your journey.

Time to take control

So What Are the Basics?

Over the next 30 days we want you to follow specific steps designed to get you off to the best possible start in your new SFI business. By following these steps you will not only learn the basics, but we will help you achieve the first step up the ladder, and the foundation for all your future growth and regular SFI income stream, the rank of EA (Executive Affiliate) by the end of your second month. We guarantee this IF you follow our DAILY ACTION plan to the letter.

Please click on the banner below which will take you to the training page. If you don’t have the password yet, please contact your SFI Sponsor immediately

SFI TrainingNew Team member Benefits.

All new members that make Executive Affiliate (EA) will automatically receive a free testimonial web page fully hosted. If you then achieve EA for two months in a row we will upgrade your testimonial into a full website landing splash page valued at $79.00.

This offer is truly astonishing – we are sure you won’t find any other Sponsor offering such amazing benefits or incentives (for the basic work you should be doing to grow your business anyway).

In addition, if you follow our proven “success guidelines” and develop the right attitude towards growing your business opportunity, we will all become successful making money together.

Our Promise to you: Follow our proven guidelines and you will receive our total commitment of our time, our knowledge and our skills in sales and marketing on the world wide web and social media sites.

If you need to get in touch with a sponsor the links are above and here. James MChris OGeoff H

Working Together as a Team