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Mighty101 is the number one go to product in your home, industry and automotive cleaning solutions. Yes! A single product that once mixed with water really does clean everything safely. Tough on dirt, grease and grime yet safe to use around your family, pets and our planet too.

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Essential for Homes (BUY NOW)

Uniquely formulated and specifically designed to solve every and unexpected cleaning problems you face in your home. Mighty101 is an astonishing grease buster in the kitchen, super efficient at tackling soap scum and limescale in the bathroom. But! When it comes to carpet, upholstery and fabric staining Mighty101 really has you covered.

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Mighty101 Ultimate Care Cleaner (BUY NOW)

Taking care of your motor car, boats, mobile homes and RVs can be very expensive and can involve many cleaning products. But hold on! Mighty101 really will replace virtually every cleaning product and is safe to use on ally types of paintwork, alloy wheels, leather seats, road-traffic-film, fiberglass and so much more.

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Tough on Grease Safe Around You (BUY NOW)

Industry loves how effective mighty101 cuts tough grease and grime but is gentle to use around its workforce, replacing the need to use corrosive, toxic cleaning products that can have a detrimental impact on the health of others’ whilst damaging our planet too.

About Me!

Hello welcome. My name is Daniel and I am an authorized distributor for the revolutionary Mighty101, a single product that really cleans everything safely in your home, at your place of work and even replaces many automotive and marine vehicle cleaning products.

If you have questions or require further information on how I can help you save and earn money, please WhatsApp me or drop me an email: daniel@ezcoms.net