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SFI has been an interesting part of my life ever since I joined over six years ago.


I had been an advocate of Network Marketing for many years after enjoying some success with two excellent companies. I did however learn that it is well worth taking a good look at the pedigree of the company you intend to join as the two I joined both ceased when the CEO sold out on retirement. Join The Team

These events did not lessen my belief in networking, they simply demonstrated the need to look more carefully into the pedigree of the owners and the potential longevity of the enterprise.

The CEO: Mr Gery Carson has over 30 years track record in Marketing and SFI is over 20 years in business. In addition I believe the family is also heavily involved.

I am not sure how typical my story is but I do know that, if I had focused on this awesome business model more diligently, my journey could and would have been appreciably faster.

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The company has all the facilities and training any one of us needs to accomplish whatever goal we set ourselves. The real decision for each of us to make is – do we want success and, if so, how fast.

Success will be achieved with consistent effective effort. How fast success is achieved will depend upon the amount of time and money we are able/prepared to invest.

It is possible to build a business in SFI by selling and/or recruiting. Some people concentrate on developing sales, some on recruiting but, I would suggest, the best way is to concentrate on developing each and as your team grows spend more and more time on teaching these same methods to your PSA’s.

This is an extremely simple concept, you only need 3 to 5 PSA’s to emulate your teaching and your success is guaranteed. However, as simple as it is, the success will only come when you find these 3 to 5 ‘go getters’. They are out there but we need to find them, either through ‘word of mouth’ or advertising.

This is the reason I believe that anyone joining my team today will not take as long as me to move forward. You will get this message and then it is up to you to buy into this or ignore it.

Buy into it and I shall be delighted to help/advise as much as I can.

Remember – ‘Rome was not built in a day’ so why should your empire?

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