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Internet coach – Hello and a warm welcome to all those that have set on an SFI adventure, this page is designed to help new members understand what is SFI and become an Affiliate Marketer.

For those of you that have already joined us, I am delighted to welcome you to our team of entrepreneurs. My name is James M and I am an SFI sponsor.

Be The Boss, Join Us

So what is an SFI sponsor?

An SFI sponsor is someone that supports others, a leader that leads by example and you too can become a Sponsor – Team Leader. But to become a leader we all need to have the commitment to address our goals for success of both you and the team associates you have developed. You will also need to develop self Discipline, as well as, Patience and understanding of others’ needs. Every SFI Team Leader started off just where you are today, but we all followed a proven recipe for success that lead us to become Leaders.

Q- So how do you follow the same route of Success?
A- By allowing me time to help you understand the basics of SFI.
Q- How long will it take to understand the basics.
A- We all different but if you follow our methods you will grasp the basics in a day or two.

Let’s Get the Basics Right

SFI is not a get rich quick scheme, and only 2% of new members will do anything. Why is this? Most of our new members become surprised by the vast amount of information presented to them. This is where I as a sponsor/Team leader come into the picture. My job is to simplify everything, because everyone is different with completely different skill sets, then we have to address the matter that SFI is a global community, consisting of members from all nationalities, each of which have different needs, different goals and different educational backgrounds.

So What Are the Basics?

Over, the next 30 days I want you to follow specific steps designed to get you off to a great start. By following these steps you will not only learn the basics, but help you achieve Executive Affiliate (EA) Status by the end of the second month. Guaranteed.

Intenet Coach



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