Join SFI – My SFI journey BY CHRIS O

I joined SFI in October 2013 when I was still trying to make a living as a full time tennis coach so I didn’t have a lot of time to “work at” my new online business.

But, right from the start I logged in EVERY DAY to complete the DAILY TASKS & read as much as I had time to do in the LaunchPad Lessons & in the Forum, which is definitely one of the most advantageous places to pick up great tips about how to progress in this business.

I decided it was important to invest in my new online business – just as I had always invested in any other “normal” or offline business I had ever started – so

I set aside just a small amount from my other income to ensure that I would always re-qualify every month as an EA – (Executive Affiliate, one rank up from the starting point of Affiliate).

This meant that I would always be guaranteed to keep any team members whom I’d encouraged to join this business with me & also that I would always qualify for any commissions I had earned through either my own efforts or the efforts of others in my growing team.

My income was small at first but steadily grew to the level that meant I could use the proceeds each month to re-invest (without delving into my own pocket) & thus continue to grow my team & my business.

Now, suddenly, in 2020, because of the worldwide havoc created by the corona virus Covid-19, millions of people are more interested in online business income-generating opportunities & my business is growing exponentially every week.

There is a well-known saying that asks 2 questions:

  1. When was the best time to start a new online business?               Answer: 20 years ago.
  2. When is the next best time to start an online business?                   Answer: NOW

So, c’mon, TAKE ACTION TODAY – join my team for FREE today by clicking on the link below: