Mighty 101 All Purpose Cleaner Cleans Everything Safely

Mighty 101 all Purpose Cleaner Cleans Everything Safely At last a new eco-friendly single product that offers a Safe and simple solution to all your cleaning needs. Yes! a single product that will replace virtually every cleaning product on todays market.

Designed with you in mind

Our amazing product has been formulated into a powder and packed into small easy to use sachets. The main focus is on helping our planet and reducing the need for the bulky packaging associated with most cleaning products. Therefore, saving you money, storage space and doing our bit to help the planet too

Packaging How to Use

Believe it or not, just one order of 10 sachets is enough cleaning product to last the average home or office for a whole year. You work out the savings you can make based on what your home or office currently spends on regular cleaning products.

How do you mix?

Tear open a small sachet and empty into an empty contents into a spray bottle, fill the spray bottle with ordinary tap water. Replace the trigger-head on the spray bottle and shake the contents well. Contact

The powder will dissolve immediately and you are ready to clean everything in your home or office safely.

Did you notice that by using this method you are joining us in helping to save the planet? It is not necessary to continue to buy new plastic spray bottles every time you want another cleaning product! Please recycle whatever and wherever you can.

How do you Use?

Once you have mixed, the product transforms into a super efficient grease busting, stain neutralizing, wizard of a cleaner.

Once mixed with water, spray the area that needs cleaning, leave for around 10 – 20 seconds and wipe clean. For really stubborn dirt, grime and staining, you may need to leave for 20 – 30 seconds. Please visit the how to use page for full instructions.


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