New Product 2020 MPC 101 Multi Purpose Cleaner

MPC 101, Multi Purpose Cleaner, Cleaning, All-purpose cleaner, degreaser

MPC 101 – A Brand New Product 2020 has arrived in the form of a mother of all cleaning products. Yes! A single product that really does clean hundreds of things. In fact this is probably the Best Multi Purpose Cleaner on the market. Not convinced well here are five reasons why.

What is this new product?

MPC 101 is an Eco-Friendly concept in cleaning management, a revolutionary Non-Toxic product, that eliminates virtually all the current cleaners, you may be using in your home and workplace.

This Multi Purpose Cleaner Degreaser is an innovation in cleaning technology, uniquely formulated to remove the toughest grease and grime faster, than the conventional toxic cleaning products.

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Go Green & Save Money

However, it is much cheaper than supermarket cleaning products, so by going green with our astonishing new product, will help you save money as well as helping the environment too.

  1. Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly.
  2.  Light Compact & Inexpensive.
  3. Simplifies & Cleans more efficiently  
  4. Saves huge amounts of storage Space.
  5.  Simple & Easy to Use

  • 1 Non-Toxic &; Environmentally Friendly.

Our product contains no harmful or toxic chemicals, no ammonia or bleach compounds and completely environmentally friendly, tough on grease yet gentle on you, your loved ones and our planet too.

  • 2 Light Compact & Inexpensive.

Another major factor to give consideration to is, by Switching from traditional Toxic products to a single multi purpose cleaner, will significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation. Because our revoloutionary product is so concentrated and packed into tiny four gram sachets.


  • 3 Simplifies & Cleans more efficiently  

Using just one single product simplifies all your cleaning needs by literally replacing virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using. Use MPC in your kitchen tackling all those greasy jobs. Great in the bathroom removing soap scum, cleaning mirrors, chrome, floors, tiles and grout, etc.

You can even use this awesome cleaner as a pre-spotter on laundry stains, carpet cleaning and fabric deodorizing. Yes, our product really  does over a hundred and one cleaning tasks.

  • Saves huge amounts of storage Space.

Why not take a look in your cupboards or under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. What can you see? Not one cleaning product but a whole host of highly toxic chemicals. By switching to our single cleaner, you can eliminate virtually all those cleaning products saving you storage space.

  • Simple & Easy to Use

Just rip open, one of the small four gram sachets. Pour the contents of the packet into a clean spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle up with ordinary tap water. Replace the trigger spray and shake the contents of the bottle well.