MPC 101 Eco-Friendly Multi Purpose Cleaner (MPC)

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MPC lOl is a new versatile Cleaning product. A super product that is non-toxic and people, pets and planet safe. Yet, this single product is so concentrated, it dissolves tough kitchen grease, bathroom dirt, soap scum and lime scale.

In addition, our Multi Purpose Cleaner (MPC lOl) neutralises all types of stains on carpets, upholstery, clothes and fabrics.

Why Switch?

Switching to a single (MPC) product is really all about simplifying your cleaning needs. By reducing how many cleaning products you need to clean your home, business, and even your car, caravan or boat.

Ask yourself this question; if there was a way to remove the need for multiple toxic cleaners with a single Eco-friendly affordable cleaning product, wouldn’t you be interested? We believe your answer is going to be YES!

With (MPC) you get a non-toxic versatile cleaning product that is an high-efficiency all-purpose industrial degreaser. Yet! Gentle enough to use in your home as a grease busting kitchen stain neutralising phenomenon all rolled into one.

Using one single product makes so much sense because, it eliminates the need for lots of different types of cleaners. Therefore, simplifying the whole cleaning process, increasing storage space and will save you a huge amount of money too.

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Cheaper Than Supermarket Brands

The best part of using (MPC) is that it really is so much cheaper than all the brand name cleaning products you buy from the supermarkets.  Our product is packed into small single sachets, which measures about 100mm-by-65mm-by-3mm and holds up to 10 sachets.

Going Green Can Save You Money

It is really hard to believe that 10 sachets of our amazing Eco-friendly product, will last the average home and office a whole year. By switching from traditional toxic cleaners to a single eco-friendly Multi Purpose cleaner degreaser, you will be helping the environment too.

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