How to Post Free Ads Using SFI Gateways.

Welcome to all new and established SFI Affiliates. With the new changes regarding VersaPoints. We really need to focus on making sales through the TripleClicks platform and in the process build an active down-line.

Where do we start?

After doing some considerable research I concluded that we need to be promoting our gateways.
What is A Gateway? A gateway is a link that takes prospects back to a particular page.

So the first thing we need to do is a search for a particular keyword inside one of the major search engines. In Google I searched for “FREE ADS”

We Start by Using a Search Engine

Google Search Engine will revile the results once you have clicked on one of the free classifieds websites. you may need to sign-up using a valid email address. Once you have completed this process, login to your SFI Affiliate Center.

Navigate Back Into SFI

Along the black main task bar you will see the marketing tab. Navigate the drop-down menu of the marketing tab and click on marketing aids. You will need to scroll down to the type drop-down menu on the sidebar and select TEXT.

All you need to do is just select and copy the text (mouse right button) advertising that reflects what you would like prospects to link to.

Paste Copied Contents

Once you have copied the contents to the clipboard, you will need to build your advertisement within the free classified account you have just opened.

Now Paste the contents of the advert in to the correct fields. Don’t forget to complete the headline, select a category, City and enter contact details.

Re-Navigate Back to SFI Gateways

Once you have finished entering all the fields, you will need to go back into your SFI Affiliate Center. Along the main black taskbar under marketing click on My Gateways.

It will present you with twenty something gateways. All you need to do is right-click the mouse button on the blue URL and copy link address.

Inserting Gateways

The final step will be to past your selected gateway into your free advertisement. it will ask your to enter the capture code. Now press submit.
Easy as that.

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