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Hello and welcome to an overview in regards to the Rewadical ECA (RECA) Firstly you will need to become part of the SFI INC network (Join SFI) The SFI Affiliate Program is free to sign-up and you will be automatically receive an invitation to become part of the Rewardical network

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So What Is Rewardical?

Rewardical helps both the consumer and businesses alike. In regards to consumers, rewardicals provide RT which is a new digital token that can be earned totally free. There are a whole host of ways to earn RTs such as, stores, shopping in shopping centers, dining at local restarants, cafes and even playing online games.

Once you have received RTs you then can exchange them for a host of different products and goodies. Including, Bitcoin, Silver Bullion, Gift Cards and so much more.

Rewardical For Business

The Rewardical program is new program that allows customers to earn digital reward tokens on goods sold that then can be exchanged for a wide variety of consumer goods. For the consumer it is absolutely free, however there is a small percentage of sales charge for the business. That said, it is one of the most inexpensive forms of advertising methods to attract new business, encouraging them to return time and time again.


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