SFI Certification – Make Money With Awesome Support

SFI Certification – Make Money With Awesome Support

When you’ve registered in SFI you might be confused seeing different things here on our site. You probably got the welcome letter from your Sponsor and from the Company too.
Confirm your registration, do whitelisting of your email so you could receive communication from the Company and your Sponsor and move towards reading your LaunchPad. You have here tips on Getting Started.
All the other things you can do step by step while you log in here on a daily basis.

What I want to point is what you can expect here. Take a deep breath and start your online business adventure right now 🙂
Open your horizons from the first day here. You have started your own private online business. Yes, we are online entrepreneurs here.

You work for yourself from the comfort of your home choosing how many hours daily you will dedicate for this business. Let me just tell you this is a COMMISSION work. You earn by yourself your money here. But, whatever you earn according to our Compensation Plan the SFI company is processing commissions regularly on a monthly basis for more than 20 years.
So, rest assured that you entered in the honest and company with great experience in affiliate marketing.

What you need to do is to start working on 2 levels:
One is visiting regularly your online office here (the black bar menu and red tabs with daily actions) so to get to know all the tools provided here for our work, and the other one is to start reading your LaunchPad and start seeing slowly the bigger image this business offers.
Let me tell you we were all confused after entering these pages because this is a huge database of information about Internet marketing. The good thing is that you can read it at your own pace, taking a little “bites” of the LaunchPad.

Our work here is ADVERTISING. SFI is one of the Zing Network properties so we, SFIyers are advertising all the other properties the Zing has and we earn our commissions by placing ads for the properties. What we do here is Team Building and Sales. SFI has prepared to us all ready so we could start advertising let’s say on the first day. We have in our Marketing Tools and Methods from the beginner advertising methods and on, and we have also ready tools for our advertising (banners, text ads, FB covers, etc.)

After joining every member has his affiliate ID number and every marketing tool we have here for free is consisting of this ID. We call them Gateways (specific websites designed for advertising our business with our ID included). Using Gateways properly we are assured that we’ll be credited for every sign-up we have from our advertising efforts whether it is our new Team member or a client (PRM).

We can advertise different programs we have here – Team BuildingTripleClicks products, Rewardical programLocalvantia program, ECommergy. We can also advertise EZ games and Auctions. You can literary post your first ad from day one.

If you win T-Time (let’s say) why not post your first earned 2 TCredits on your FB wall or Twitter?
Why don’t you blog about your first days in SFI company and so people would eagerly follow your advancement if you put it in a sincere and cute, easy way.

You don’t have to be “another person” while you start working this business.
The thing that is turning me off from something my friends offer me when they join some programs is they start “chasing” me and all other friends trying to convince us that this is perfect and the only good thing on the whole Internet.
So, don’t be “pushy”. Let your work, progress, and excitement talk for you.

As you start working here you will also start growing as a person changing your MINDSET for the business.
The best thing you can do for yourself is to stop thinking locally and start thinking globally. Raise your thoughts from the local economy in your region and start looking at a wide-open field of possibilities this business offers you. You can literary work with the whole world from your home.

Don’t only click those red tabs daily but start making your plans how you can maybe engage later on your family members in this work. As we can open here our Rewardical ECA too this could be something that the whole family could participate in. One can do some handcraft and another family member can post ads and advertise it. Can you imagine long winters where your wife is knitting something in the evening and you are placing ads for your Team building? You can talk, laugh together and you can at the same time earn something from the comfort of your home. Later on, you can put this sweater your wife has made on RECA sale

This business offers a wide range of possibilities which you can discover later on with more that you read and learn. The creativity you can put here has no limits.

You have your local merchant where you like to shop your groceries daily so you can also register him in the Localvantia program later on.
As now we have a situation where people mostly stay at home and are trying to deal with businesses online from their websites, this is a good moment to advertise them Rewardical ECA program and get them into it.

You can also advertise ECommergy so people would get the “whole package” of help when starting their online businesses.

Don’t look at every VP, don’t count only how much you miss towards your first EA rank, do not be discouraged if you don’t have the money for your rank at the moment.
Just be present here on a daily basis, try to develop advertising skills (you really have great literature from LaunchPad to Training, and Expert Reports, Forum), and place ads as much as you can.

Try to match your interests with the products you advertise from TripleClicks. You can make Product Collections and advertise them on your blog, website, or social media. You can also create banners and place them on the Internet. You have that option when you open SFI Toolbox to create different banners’ sizes. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Remember always this can be your online business for life.
Don’t be just “stuck” thinking about what you don’t have but see all you have here to start successfully your business here. That’s why the registration is free, you don’t have the membership fee and you have free training here.
You also have your Sponsor and Uplines, you have all the Solutions and FAQ’s on our site, you have LaunchPad training and you have Forum community for your help.

Don’t complicate things – always do one step at a time. Be productive – do actions that bring you results. If you want to start Sponsoring remember you don’t have to know all to be the Sponsor. You can also grow together with your Team members if you are a newbie. Relax and keep good friendly communication. Use all the communication tools we have here – from the Icebreaker, Team mails, Chat, E-cards. You have everything here you need for training and sponsoring people. Later on, you can also make video tutorials or webinars on your own if you want.

Remember, “Don’t major in minors” – don’t lose your focus for unnecessary details and thinking on things much forward. Do one step at a time and absorb as much you can do on a daily basis. Put what you learn in practice immediately in your advertising and do this steadily.
Make your plans. Remember, if you can earn $1 here it means this system is functioning and what you need to do to lift up your earnings is to do money producing actions of which you can find them in your Compensation Plan.

You can set your time for this business as you want. Everything is in your hands and the results depend only on your vision, effort, engagement, and will to make success.
So, what are you waiting for? Just start.
To your success.