Join My Team – My SFI journey BY BARBARA H

I joined on 08/27/19. I was in an affiliate program before but the up-line support was non-existent. I struggled to make a go of it but the program’s compensation plan did not make it worth my while. It was like trying to get to a goalpost that kept moving away from you.

I found SFI on the internet and saw that the program looked good. I then was more careful about how I chose my sponsor. Once I found a sponsor who I believed would support my efforts, I enrolled under him. I made the right choice in both the company and the sponsor.

Not only did I get a great sponsor, I’ve got a great up-line who are available to answer my questions with straight, helpful answers. Plus the free training inside the business site is invaluable. The proof of that is even though I only joined on 08/27/19 I am already qualified as a Bronze Team Leader. It’s only upward for myself and my team members from here.


SFI Testimonial