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Testimonials are a very important part of any business

They are probably even more important when you are trying to build an online business, especially one such as SFI, where your first interactions with prospective new team members could be with people from a country on the other side of the world. And whilst the majority of the world uses English as the international language for business in many cases English may not be your new prospective team member’s first language.

Building Trust Quickly

It is essential to establish a rapport  with your prospective new team member straight away and one of the best ways to do this is to use legitimate “show and tell” testimonials from other associates who are actually building successful online businesses.

Ready To Earn Money @ Home

What you will see by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top of this page are some brief testimonials by some of the current team.

Once you have read each of the testimonials please go ahead and click on any of the individual testimonial banners below to come on in and join our team. You won’t regret it and you WILL be made very welcome by anyone in the current team regardless of who you join under … and you WILL get all the support you need from any one of us.

See some examples from some of our existing successful team members

You’ll see retired tennis coach, Chris O, who is based in England and who started his SFI journey in 2013, so is now in his 7th year as an Affiliate with this amazing company.

Now, suddenly, in 2020, because of the worldwide havoc created by the corona virus Covid-19, millions of people are more interested in online business income-generating opportunities & my business is growing exponentially every week. Join My Team NOW!


Then there is Geoff H, based up in Scotland, who also started with SFI in 2013 and enjoys a home-based lifestyle whilst generating sufficient income each month to keep his wife “in the style to which she’s become accustomed”.

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James M joined the team in June 2018 when he was in the middle of setting up a distribution network for another company based in Thailand. He’s currently back in the UK and is now developing his SFI business full time. He’s also a whizz at designing unique Splash Pages and SEO-ing them and if you join our team he will help you with these essential tools to help you grow your business.


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