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What are TCredits?

TCredits are a digital currency used for purchasing products and services at TripleClicks. TripleClicks is one of the quickest growing e-commerce sites on the internet today! With tens of thousands of different products and something for everyone, making it a lucrative and fun way to make money online!

1. You may redeem your TCredits on many thousands of products and services at TripleClicks. All you need to do is just choose TCredits as your payment method when you check out.

2. Use TCredits when playing Eager Zebra Games on the TripleClicks network.

3. To bid on the Penny Auctions you need TCredits to take part on hot, new, brand name products such as, Kitchen equipment, electronics, tools, household goods, autos accessories garden, office products, and much more.

4. Astro Auctions is a new auction platform where you bid up front and rewarded even if you don’t win. For each bid you enter from just one TCredit, you will it will enter you into two different jackpots and pick the price contest. (closest to the correct bid wins) Read More About What is Astro Auctions.

What are Rewardicals? Special member Bonus.

For every TCredit you use in an Eager Zebra game, PriceBenders bid, or Astro Auctions, you’ll earn Ten (10) Rewardical Tokens (RT) Rewardical Tokens are redeemable for a variety of services, products and awesome goodies, Such as Bitcoin, Silver Bullion, Versa Points (VP) gift certificates, and more! Read more about What Is Versa Points (VP)

To find out how many RTs (Rewardical Tokens) you have just visit your Rewardical account. If you are an SFI Member just login with your ID and password or you can register for an SFI or Rewardical account Here.

Note that, in your Rewardical.com account, you can exchange or REDEEM your Rewardical tokens with TCredits, Versa points, PSAs, CSAs, PRMs, Bitcoin, etc.

As of now, you can redeem or exchange your RTs (Rewardical tokens) in the following ways:-

Exchanging for Versa Points 3 RTs with 1 VP.

TCredit Exchange Rate 77 RTs with 1 TCredit

Purchase CSA 396 RTs with 1 CSA

PSA Exchange Rate 688 RTs with 1 PSA

PRM Exchange Rate 998 RTs with 1 PRM

Bitcoin Exchange Rate 606 RTs with 1 USD Bitcoin value
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