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So What is Astro Auction? Feels more like a new Astro Game (AA) The best way to understand Astro is to compare it to Tripleclicks, Pricebenders and Penny Auctions, except that you place your bid first. The highest bid wins. What is quite unique is that you can get all your credits back except for 1 TCredit that is required as a processing fee.

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There’s so much more to win with Astro than the item that is being auctioned! For each bid you enter from just one single bid, you will be entered into two different jackpots as well as pick the bid contest. (closest to the correct bid wins) But that is still not it for each TCredit you use for bids you will automatically earn Rewardicals that can be redeemed for all sorts of goodies. And we are still not finished because you are still guaranteed two additional “Constellation Prizes”

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Once you have won an Auction there is nothing to pay for, because you have already taken care of everything once you placed your bid. For digital products they will be dropped into your account instantly. Physical items will go into a queue to be shipped ASAP.

So how do I enter? With Astro you go to the astro index once you have signed-up, place the bid for the auction you wish to participate in, and then return later to view the revealing of the winners.  Note: You will be notified by email to let you know when it’s time.  Just click the link included in the email, then sit back and enjoy the flight!

Astro is fully mobile-friendly and has been designed to feel more like a game with lots of excitement and fun for bidders.

Astro is a new exciting bid site hosted by SFI and part of the (Tripleclicks) Triple Clicks and Zing Network. To get your free bid just enter your full name and email address below.

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What are TCredits?

For more information on how TCredits work please follow What Are TCredits Link

What Are Rewardicals?

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